Team La Gonave

Who we are and why.

Figaro, Nancy, Jeansmith, Ryan, and Tanya setting out for Laganave.

It is a forty minute boat ride from Port Au Prince to Anse a Galets on Laganove. It takes another four hours to travel by truck the 20 kilometers to Denye Mak (Derierre Mark)) and BwaNwa (Bois Noir).

Queue up for the Donkey Vaccination Clinic

Vaccinating donkeys for tetanus. Equines are very susceptable to tetanus and it is often fatal. For some reason Tetanus toxoid is not available in Haiti.

Ryan and Figaro at the Donkey Vaccination Clinic

Notice that the donkeys right ear is missing. Since there is no fencing around people's gardens it is a common practice to cut off an ear on a transgressing animal.

Dinner in BwaNwa.