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Haiti was once one of the wealthiest colonies in the Americas. It was the first independent black republic in the world. It is now one of the poorest countries in the world with an annual per capita income of $719.00.

La Gonave

La Gonave is an island WNW of Port-au-Prince.The island suffers from a lack of water resources. Recent international efforts have drilled deep water wells to mitigate this and to prevent cholera and other water borne diseases.

Derreire Marc

Pronounced Denye Mak in Haitian creole, Derreire Marc is a small community on La Gonave. There are few vehicles there except for motor-bikes. There are no paved roads, electricity, or running water.


Donkeys are the little trucks of La Gonave carrying water, passengers, and supplies. They typically carry 160 pounds of water several times per week. This too much of a load for a 250 pound animal!

Who are we?

1Starfish is a 501c non-profit that provides veterinary and animal husbandry assistance to the community of Derriere Marc (Denye Mak)
and surrounding areas of La Gonave, Haiti. We do this by visiting the island yearly with wound care supplies, medications
and vaccines. We work with the local veterinary agents and farmers providing health clinics and education.
We also work with local educators providing school supplies, money and construction help.

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Team LaGonave 2019
On Jan. 9, 2019 five people will head to LaGonave. We are excited to have this many helping hands and minds.
We are loaded with school and veterinary supplies. Zoetis (the animal branch of Pfizer) has donated tetanus vaccine for the donkeys.
We will be deworming, cleaning and dressing wounds as well as giving vitamin injections to donkeys, pigs, goats, cattle and the
occasional mule or horse. On the school front we will be setting up a breakfast program for the kids as some come to school
without having eaten. We also are implementing a hand washing station at the school. Eclectica in Moscow, Idaho has donated
hundreds of condoms we will hand out to adults. This is a great way to get a group together, have a talk about family planning
and safe sex. Since we have a captive audience we talk about animal care as well!

DONATIONS UPDATE 1/14/19 - REMEMBER - You can contribute now to these good works via our Facebook page: 1Starfish Facebook Page

Also, the webpage DONATE button is undergoing testing will be active soon. Thanks for your patience while we work this out.
Also, for those of you who prefer the old fashion method, you can send a check via mail to: 1Starfish, PO Box 9441, Moscow, ID 83843.

Be sure to come back and visit this page for updates and new events.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please send an email to: teamlagonave@1starfish.org


Pictures from recent trips to Haiti.

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Ongoing projects in Haiti.

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